Employee Development

These are tools and presentations I created to assist in employee onboarding, team building, and development.

General Orientation Presentation


New Employee Handbook


Employee Development Presentations

I used several iterations of this presentation for team building and leadership development.



I am an experienced trainer and instructional designer with a passion for developing and empowering people.

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My Instructional Design Philosophy

I believe it is my responsibility to give learners the opportunity to engage in the learning experience - failure to do so will result in unsuccessful knowledge transfer. I understand that learning follows energy so whether I am developing an instructor-led-training session or an e-learning module I look for ways to engage the learner through reflection, interaction, discussion, and practice.

I view the analysis, design, and development phases of instructional design as iterative and collaborative processes. Clarifying expectations, enhancing understanding, and creating alignment with stakeholders and SMEs on the front end improves delivery speed and greatly reduces costly changes down the road.

My Leadership Philosophy

I follow a blended approach to leadership that combines aspects of servant- and transformational-leadership. I believe a leader should seek to empower and those they lead by providing development opportunities, allowing them to find their own solution to a given situation, and removing barriers that stand in their way.

A leader must inspire those they lead to take the next steps in reaching the vision and fulfilling the mission of the organization. Finally, a leader must communicate, advocate, and celebrate their team members' thoughts, questions, insights, and accomplishments  to those who have no other avenue by which to hear their voice.

Keep Moving Forward

Whether running a race, figuring out a challenging problem, or just living life, I live my life by this motto. It is only through continual forward progress that we reach our goals, make new discoveries, realize continuous improvement, and continue to make a positive difference in this world.