Having suffered several running injuries during my inaugural year, I decided to do things a little differently for this one.

Before my last race in November, 2016, I went to visit my chiropractor to see if anything could be done for my knee. In late August, I had listened more to a well-meaning fellow runner than to my own body on a pretty long trail run. As I had been training on trails all summer long in preparation for┬áthe Dogwood Canyon 50K, I knew what pain I could push through and what pain I couldn’t. But, I failed to listen to my body, and I’ve been paying for it for almost six months. My chiropractor told me that I had about three months worth of rehab ahead of me. He also said I needed to “get a butt” by actually cross-training and doing weight work for my legs. I honestly never thought I’d hear a doctor tell me to get a butt.

The last week of December, I bit the bullet and dove in to Shaun T’s Focus T25 program. I’ll have to admit that I probably wasn’t physically ready for the workouts, but, hey, I’m stubborn, and I’m an endurance runner. Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I am currently about half way through the Beta portion and, though I’ve found several things I can’t do as well as the team on the screen, I’ve been impressed with my ability to keep up. I no longer find shame in following Shaun’s go-to modifier, Tania. My plan is to complete all three circuits and then start the whole thing over. With the workouts lasting approximately 30 minutes per day with the cool-down exercises, they form half of my morning workout routine. Continue reading